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Crypto on the way to doom!

By: on February 18th, 2019

Just over the 100 crypto currencies might make it out of the 2,086 a larger target to aim. But also one with higher chances of failure. “It did the same thing that happened with the internet, which is it attracted a huge amount of talent. It did bring a lot of capital and interest in development to the ecosystem…”

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Rebranding of Coinify!

By: on February 13th, 2019

The exchange supports the 15 new virtual currencies on the platform by the end of 2019. The provision of these new coins will be available for Coinify’s wallet partners via their inWallet payment solution. This exchange is backed up by Nordic Eye Venture Capital, Seed Capital Denmark and SEB Venture offers two way virtual currency conversion services for business and individuals.

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By: on February 11th, 2019

After facing many challenges and successes in the past year, ABBC Foundation welcomes the New Year with interesting developments related to their Multi Crypto Wallet. The company’s technical team focused mainly on further improving the internal functionalities and security features of the ABBC MC Wallet in order to serve the ABBC community better and give more of the desired value and results to the supporters of ABBC. The team was able to revamp and restructure the key internal programming to provide a better experience to their users. The company wants their audience to know that despite the many challenges they faced, the startup ABBC Foundation is still continuing to grow as a company. 

Based on the most recent announcements, the ABBC Foundation is recommending all their Hybrid Wallet users to download their ABBC MC Wallet including the users who are qualified for the ABBC CASH airdrop. ABBC Foundation also mentioned that they are implementing new security layers. The purpose of these new implementations is to protect the users from any possible threats to users’ security. Also, they very recently made an email and Google OTP manual guide that aims to help users better understand the usage of their MC Wallet.

Now, the ABBC MC Blockchain Wallet is in the final stages of development. The ABBC Foundation is developing a new and improved ABBC MC Blockchain Wallet to better suit the needs of the community. This advancement will make the wallet have higher security. ABBC Wallet will be one of the first few to make a blockchain wallet. This is done for the benefit of the users. This is also made in preparation for ABBC Foundation’s future projects.

There have been many negative reports in mainstream media about the cryptocurrency industry, but there are also many positive developments. ABBC Foundation aims to contribute to the many positive developments to the blockchain industry as a whole. The upgrade stated above is one of the many things that the ABBC Foundation is implementing to improve their relationship with their audience.

Another one of their plans is that they are preparing for ABBC to get listed in more major exchanges. The most recent exchange that listed ABBC is ZBG exchange. ABBC Foundation initially listed on 9 major exchanges. The exchanges were Bitforex, Coinsuper, Coinbene, Ooobtc, Dragonex, Idax, Topbtc, Rightbtc and Sistemkoin. These are top exchanges that offer the best trading experience. After a while, ABBC got listed in an additional four major exchanges getting a total of 13 exchanges listing ABBC. These four are Bit-Z, Exrates, Dobi Trade and ZBG. Now, there are more plans to get listed in many other major exchanges.

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Women4Blockchain Nashville Hackathon and Learning Hub

By: on February 4th, 2019

New York, January 19, 2019 – We are doing our 2nd Hackathon in Nashville, TN on February 8-10. 2019. Our company is dedicated to building and empowering pioneers in the world of Blockchain technology. Our goal is to involve everyone from all industries and backgrounds in order to foster a community where Blockchain tech can develop rapidly and reach people across the world. This event would not be happening without the generous sponsorship from Lipscomb University and Kevin Clauson, Associate Professor at the University, who has been instrumental in helping with many aspects of the event which promises to be full of immersive Blockchain technology. This event was organized by our founder Anna Vladi and her W4B Team. Alongside this project, she just took the role of the COO of Everex US.  

On Day 1 we will be hosting a Learning Hub with FinTech and Healthcare panels with moderators and a group of panelists, along with a UI/UX Workshop about design thinking in Blockchain. Dan Novikov will be discussing how to make a bounty through Gitcoin and what they do while First TN Bank discusses what they are looking for in a bounty prize winner. Status will be giving an overview of their company as well and teach what their stable token does and how to use it. This will also be the day for team formations and pitches.  On Day 2 we will host our W4B Hackathon from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Then Day 3 will follow with hackathon teams preparing pitches, judging, then announcing the winners for each track and bounty. You can access our schedule here.

MakerDao is sponsoring a Fintech track and First TN Bank has put up a bounty using GitcoinStatusis our communication app for the event where hackers can communicate with mentors and organizers can post schedule updates and food truck deliveries. Chris Hutchinson will also give a brief overview of the Status Embark Framework during the Learning Hub. To reach Nashville community we have partnered with local companies and organizations to help us spread the word about the event; we would like to thank Tokenize TN spearheaded by Kristin Johns, a Blockchain Attorney at Waller Law Firm who also secured us breakfast sponsorship from her law firm and who will take part in the Healthcare panel headed by Kevin Clauson.

Hashed Health is another local organization that has been helping to bring the community together and Molly Halley’s Women in Blockchain group helping us connect to local leaders in Blockchain technology and entice women hackers to come participate. Also thank you to Blockchain 901, a local Memphis Blockchain meetup run by Christine Fahey who will be coming from Memphis to work as a volunteer at the event and we hope to participate as a hacker as well!  Thank you to 21 Cryptos magazine and Carl for doing in kind advertising with us as well as Cointelegraph who offered to list our event and publish this press release. We are still looking for a company to do voting on the Blockchain so please contact us on twitter or through our email if you want to offer your application for the hackathon. We would like to see more women participate and more diversity to be part of our event so we are issuing a special Discount code DIVERSITY which will give 70% off the ticket price, it is our deepest discount yet and we hope you will take advantage of it.

Tickets can be bought here.

View our website here.

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See you in Nashville!


World experiences BTC!

By: on February 1st, 2019

More people have expected the use of Bitcoin(BTC) and supporters hope that one day the digital currency will be used by consumers for their online shopping and other electronic deals. Major companies have already accepted payments using the virtual currency. Some large firms include Fiverr, TigerDirect, and Zynga among others. 

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The Faireum Blockchain: A New Way to Invest, Play and Everything in Between

By: on January 31st, 2019

Faireum releases its new blockchain-based technology that will break ground for crypto investors, traders and online gamblers alike.


Ever since the crypto winter has started, the cryptocurrency market has gained a lot of negative impression from the mainstream community. It cannot be denied that money has been lost due to the drop of prices, and some have lost faith and given up entirely. Interestingly, despite this, the crypto-economy still remains one of the most lucrative industries to date. But how does it still remain the Goliath that it is?

This is because even amid the current crypto-climate conditions, countless ICOs with innovative ideas are emerging left and right to persuade investors into fulfilling their game-changing vision, giving investors an opportunity to profit while at the same time, allowing them to realize their technological endeavors, crypto winter or not.

This is where comes in

“A warm light in the crypto winter…”

Faireum boldly presents itself amid the bearish climate with a sole mission: to provide the people with the best that the blockchain technology has to offer, backed by a self-sustaining economy.

BREAKING THE STIGMA is the main challenge that Faireum faces in imparting its core values into the crypto world. Faireum wants to create an investor-friendly environment by creating a stable economy by means of providing completely safe, transparent, and fair gambling platforms that eradicate all the destructive impacts of traditional gambling to the players, safeguarding both their trust and well-being, as well as the economic standing of the Faireum ecosystem, unaffected the crypto winter.


“Why online gambling?” This perhaps is the most pressing question among interested investors and the answer boils down to one factor: token relevance.

Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% in 2017 and increasing, the global gambling industry is expected to grow from $533 billion to $1 trillion by 2021. This means that the applications of the Faireum coin and blockchain alongside its protocols will remain relevant, even outside the main crypto market, because of its applications in the gambling industry. This assurance of a trading volume safeguards the coin price from over-volatility and unpredictability, which are the most common problems that most ICOs suffer in the market.

And this is how Faireum does it…



The team behind Faireum has developed an entirely new and competitive independent blockchain based on the strengths of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. Alongside this is Faireum’s consensus algorithm which is adopted from the Byzantine fault tolerance-based delegated proof-of-stake (BFT-DPos). An attack on the consensus is virtually impractical and impossible, as proven by Faireum’s role models.

Furthermore, the Faireum Virtual Machine (FVM) allows users and investors alike to create smart contracts that are interconnected with a wide array of blockchain-based coins, as well as freely exchange assets at any time, in any place.


Obviously, random number generators (RNGs) are essential for games of chance. However, the problem is that there are no standard methods of creating an RNG that is closest to being truly random. This results in a flawed game logic that centralized online betting platforms implement. No one knows how these programs work and people are losing money without them knowing.

The Zero Random Algorithm is Faireum’s answer to these questionable RNGs being implemented in gambling platforms. By having a blockchain-based internal RNG that is validated by Zero-Knowledge proof, each random number generated from the blockchain is verified to be truly random, or provably fair.

There are no secrets between Faireum and its valued users.


Outside Faireum’s very own official platform, everyone else can get their hands on Faireum’s innovation. With Faireum’s application program interface (API) and software development kit (SDK), game developers and platform proprietors can also easily adapt and integrate Faireum into their games and systems and tailor them according to their preference.

Faireum sees a service-based value-for-value blockchain ecosystem. This eliminates the chance-altering systems of gambling platforms that exist solely for profit. In this way, players get what players give. A fair chance for everyone.


With Institutional Investors such as University endowments like Harvard and MIT now investing in cryptocurrency funds, a more transformed business model awaits the crypto-economy wherein various economies of countless fields merge into one stronghold that is insusceptible to mere crypto climate conditions alone. Faireum brings this transformation to the investors—a soil to plant their seeds on—to show them that their seeds aren’t dead, after all.

Transforming investing, gambling and beyond—this is the vision of a Faireum-powered future made possible.

Share with us a Faireum-powered world. Join us on TelegramFacebookTwitterand Medium for more news and updates.

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By: on January 30th, 2019

Sweden and the Nordics are home to an innovative start-up environment and a strong blockchain and crypto community. On April 11th of 2019, the Swedish blockchain community is opening its arms and welcome blockchain luminaries from across to world to the Stockholm Blockchain Forum by Techbook.

On the 11th of April, Techbook is organising the first Stockholm Blockchain Forum at the Stockholm International Affairs in Älvsjö. The event is bringing together blockchain experts from across the globe to network, forge new business relationships and educate traditional industries on how to implement blockchain technologies. The event is designed along the lines of an online forum brought into a physical space, a concept championed by the former CEO of Optimizer Invest, Carla Maree Vella.

“What we are trying to do is to play a bit on the word ‘forum’. As we know in the world of the interwebs, a forum is where people communicate and share information and thoughts. A lot of the conferences I visited last year were very much one-way communication-style. The idea here is to be able to not only to listen to panels and keynotes, but to strategically involve delegates in the discussions through structured networking events and specialised exercises to pull questions out of the audience and have an expert panel discuss those topics,” says Carla Maree Vella.

The day will feature informational sessions and include several opportunities for two-way communication and delegate participation. The organisers want to dive into key topics within the blockchain landscape with key speakers and delegates from the blockchain space and prompt discussions on the profound implications of the technology.

The speaker line-up includes prominent names such as Cherie Aimée, ranked as the sixth most influential woman in blockchain across the globe; Christian Ander, the Founder of BTCX and the initiator of the Swedish Riksbank digital currency project E-krona; Aurore Belfrage, tech entrepreneur, political advisor and investor; as well as Frank Schuil at Safello, Sebastian Markowsky at GP Bullhound, On Yavin at Cointelligence, and Raoul Stubbe at Single Technologies among others.

Sweden is already a prominent player in the blockchain space. One of the more outstanding innovations to date is ChromaWay’s collaboration with the Swedish land-ownership authority, Lantmäteriet, to put property ownership on the blockchain as reported by the Wall Street Journal in 2018. The Co-Founder of ChromaWay, Henrik Hjelte, is participating as a speaker at the event.

Stockholm is also housing a number of promising start-ups such as for instance Flype, one of the sponsors of the conference. Flype is the world’s first secure sharing economy platform for international delivery using blockchain technology, entering the limelight earlier this year as they signed John McAfee as an advisor.

The agenda of the one-day conference includes the topics Regulation, DAOs and Decentralized Governance, Banking and Blockchain, Centralised vs Decentralized Exchanges, Investing in Blockchain, Blockchain Applied to Business as well as a number of Thought Leader interviews. Companies are also welcome to present their own case study of a successful blockchain implementation during a one-hour session. The eve before the event is cordially inaugurated with a sponsored C-level dinner.

Delegates are expected to learn how blockchain can be implemented into particular business cases, in what ways it can be used to enhance customer and supplier relationships, ROI and operational efficiency, as well as the current status of the technology, regulation, feasibility of adoption and integration requirements.

The Stockholm Blockchain Forum is a must-go for anyone who wish to dive deeper into the actual use cases of blockchain and network with C-Suite professionals as well as some of the most innovative start-ups in the field.


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Price Analysis of market!

By: on January 28th, 2019

Crytpocurrencies have gotten their fair share of criticism, especially as the buying frenzy has cooled and the bitcoin bubble seems to have popped. The price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency has dropped more than 70% in a year. The potential merger between the BXA and Blockchain Industries aims to address issues related to liquidity, accessibility and expansion.

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Game of TRON is on as RPG Developers Hit Market with Presale of TRX Items

By: on January 27th, 2019

Acclaimed blockchain game developer 0xGames is announcing the launch of a pre-sale campaign for its competitive battler 0xWarriors on the TRON blockchain.

Last year was productive and eventful for 0xGames. With the new year already going full steam, the team looked back on what has been accomplished, the upheavals the market has been through and things to be expected.

A truly significant 2018 event for the studio was the successful release of their flagship project 0xUniverse, which had been beta-tested and pre-sold at the request of the supportive community. The developers set a roadmap afterward outlining important milestones. A lot of them were achieved including both the start of the development of 0xBattleships, follow-up to the space strategy, as well as the presale and beta release of 0xWarriors. Now, 0xGames still has a lot of features up its sleeve, what with the long-awaited Corporations feature set for Q1, the full release of the arena battler as well as the space combat continuation. The team promises to keep on maintaining their focus on all the released projects and the updates still under development.

Sergey Kopov, the studio’s CEO, noted that the DApp market did see certain turbulence in 2018 but he believes the future should be bright. “Apps based on blockchain that could boast really high popularity haven’t been released yet. What we’ve seen over the recent months is that trading and mining enjoyed less demand due to the cryptocurrencies’ downward trends, however, decentralized games have certainly been on the rise. They are likely to become the driver behind mass blockchain adoption in the future”, Mr. Kopov explained.


The team mentioned that DApps do become more and more technologically advanced with a lot of them adding multichain opportunities. And in keeping with their promise, 0xGames is now officially starting their own TRON integration to 0xWarriors. The game is one of the first DApps to add several blockchain platforms with Ethereum, NEO and other chains yet to follow in the nearest months. Now the time has come, and the team is announcing the official launch of the much-anticipated TRON presale for their arena battler. Knock your arrows and raise your shields: it is set to start on January 24 and last until the end of February 14.

It should be noted that right after stepping into the mobile realm and joining TRON’s $100 million game fund Tron Arcade, 0xWarriors is offering its TRON presale participants a host of unique items that can be found within in-game chests. The developers believe that linking TRON will help grow the player base as well as allow experienced gamers to hop on the bandwagon and stock up on discounted TRX gear. Moreover, the studio pointed out that bringing the new chain aboard will let the existing community enjoy the DApp on a platform boasting great scalability, high speed (it can handle 2,000 transactions per second) and availability.

The arena fighting game had its first presale on EOS during last November. It was supported by major market players, such as Meet.One, EOS, Lumi Wallet, Token Pocket, Eosphere, Eosys, DappRadar, Crypto Gamers Community, Gameunculus, Spider Store, and others. Over 4000 EOS were raised during the campaign. Currently, the game is running a beta test that went live on December 18.

0xWarriors is a multiplayer game where users can fight, take part in tournaments and equip themselves with different items that they collect or trade in a marketplace. Each warrior can be customized and equipped with a great variety of unique weapons and armor. The game has an arena where weekly public events will be held allowing players to have a chance to win different rewards that can later be sold for a solid profit.

The game dev studio 0xGames is based in Cyprus and is led by Sergey Kopov. Over his career, he has released over 50 projects. The entrepreneur has more than 12 years of experience in game development and management. The studio became first known for its blockchain space strategy 0xUniverse that was successfully presold and officially released in late June.

The team invites all crypto-loving gamers to join their friendly community on DiscordTelegramTwitter or Facebook and together experience new features and updates planned to come out in the future.

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Crypto market growth

By: on January 17th, 2019

According to a survey, only 8 percent said that they own any crypto currency. Another 17 percent said that they might buy some in the near future. This implies that a lot of money is waiting to enter the markets when the trend changes. The market will look for clues from some of the important events expected to take place in 2019. Though crypto prices this year will remain well below their lifetime highs, we expect them to go much higher than the current levels.

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