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After facing many challenges and successes in the past year, ABBC Foundation welcomes the New Year with interesting developments related to their Multi Crypto Wallet. The company’s technical team focused mainly on further improving the internal functionalities and security features of the ABBC MC Wallet in order to serve the ABBC community better and give more of the desired value and results to the supporters of ABBC. The team was able to revamp and restructure the key internal programming to provide a better experience to their users. The company wants their audience to know that despite the many challenges they faced, the startup ABBC Foundation is still continuing to grow as a company. 

Based on the most recent announcements, the ABBC Foundation is recommending all their Hybrid Wallet users to download their ABBC MC Wallet including the users who are qualified for the ABBC CASH airdrop. ABBC Foundation also mentioned that they are implementing new security layers. The purpose of these new implementations is to protect the users from any possible threats to users’ security. Also, they very recently made an email and Google OTP manual guide that aims to help users better understand the usage of their MC Wallet.

Now, the ABBC MC Blockchain Wallet is in the final stages of development. The ABBC Foundation is developing a new and improved ABBC MC Blockchain Wallet to better suit the needs of the community. This advancement will make the wallet have higher security. ABBC Wallet will be one of the first few to make a blockchain wallet. This is done for the benefit of the users. This is also made in preparation for ABBC Foundation’s future projects.

There have been many negative reports in mainstream media about the cryptocurrency industry, but there are also many positive developments. ABBC Foundation aims to contribute to the many positive developments to the blockchain industry as a whole. The upgrade stated above is one of the many things that the ABBC Foundation is implementing to improve their relationship with their audience.

Another one of their plans is that they are preparing for ABBC to get listed in more major exchanges. The most recent exchange that listed ABBC is ZBG exchange. ABBC Foundation initially listed on 9 major exchanges. The exchanges were Bitforex, Coinsuper, Coinbene, Ooobtc, Dragonex, Idax, Topbtc, Rightbtc and Sistemkoin. These are top exchanges that offer the best trading experience. After a while, ABBC got listed in an additional four major exchanges getting a total of 13 exchanges listing ABBC. These four are Bit-Z, Exrates, Dobi Trade and ZBG. Now, there are more plans to get listed in many other major exchanges.

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