Redemption Technology – the world turned around

By: on November 11th, 2017

Redemption Technology solves the biggest issue of Cryptocurrency users who face merchants that do not accept Bitcoins as a mode of payment. A lot of merchants find the conversion of Cryptocurrency time consuming and insecure, so this platform raises the bar and already uses a converted mode of payment that no one can say no to.


Styras – the world’s first decentralized mobile application

By: on November 10th, 2017

Styras occurs from the prerequisite of staying associated, anyplace and all over the world. It was formed to fulfill the never-ending command for improved and more affordable Internet for all. The former decentralized mobile app. It is founded on Ethereum blockchain technology, which put forward Internet connection anywhere in the world. With the smart convention, clients preserve Internet association overseas with low expenses. Makes possible for users to transport Internet credit to friends and family around the globe.

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CyberTrust – Securities that handle crypto currencies using existing IT

By: on November 9th, 2017

CyberTrust securities crypto possessions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. This allows institutional shareholders to take benefit of crypto markets as the ensuing derivatives have a titled security maintain to the fundamental asset. Shareholder increase introduction to crypto asset price movements by means of a customary asset vehicle but do not face the disputes that exchange and protection crypto assets involve. CABS (Crypto-Asset Backed Securitised Tokens) have been formed by CyberTrust. It is used to fuel the securitisation development, with the trade of these tokens primary to the formation of a new crypto imitative market.


Sharpe Capital, an internet investment sensation.

By: on November 6th, 2017

The quantitative trading model approach of this system aims to unite the two market forces in order to provide the investors with a truly robust portfolio management system that effectively hedges risks, outperforming the market. The Sharpe Capital provides for two platforms, one is for investment and the other for streaming product revenues.

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CybersecurityICO by SecurityPlusCloud

By: on November 3rd, 2017

SecurityPlusCloud’s distantly direct protection Services presents inexpensive, real-time fortification to aid society get conformity and decrease threat in the features of today’s ever-changing precautions threats. The business with the world’s top Gartner most important protection supplier allows us to present world’s top recognized protection & guard for business IT & SCADA Systems.


Fund Platform, your investment savior in cryptocurrencies.

By: on November 3rd, 2017

With the tremendous growth in technologies and investment avenues, here’s Fund Platform, bestowing with a helping hand in the field of cryptocurrencies. It is a single-window platform, sheltering both investors and fund managers in their respective approaches. From listing transparent ratings about the fund manager to taking care of his publicity outlays, the platform wins the show.


Sinergia- welcome to the world of blockchain.

By: on November 2nd, 2017

A platform which provides a wide range of exceptional characteristics of research study, analysis and finding solutions for a better blockchain network, electronic commerce, gives way to innovation and supports new businesses and startups, facilitates trading and crypto trading, here’s Sinergia Blockchain Institute of Technological Research and Development for you.

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Imperium – Addressing our team’s anonymity

By: on August 26th, 2017

Imperium is a sports gambling platform constructed on the Ethereum block chain. The business statements to be the single sports gaming platform in the domain that proceeds zero fees from its operators. There are no fees, no restrictions, and no threat, conferring to the certified website.

Imperium has a modest but determined aim, they anticipation to place an end to prohibited sports gaming by giving gamesters a platform where they can bet on all kinds of procedures. The company does strategy to have no charges. In its place, hope to make money by appealing to numerous users as likely to the platform, which increases the worth of the MPRM crypto currency.

We are going to fairs run by Mexican Cartels, the Italian Mafia, 25,000 online betting websites, not to reference the indefinite and unnamed groups whose occurrence in that underground world is massive. To ask why we would retain our group supporters unidentified appears like a misrepresented question to us. There is no necessity to present the names and profiles of our group supporters if by undertaking so, there is a probability of pushing their lives in risk.

The skill to profession our coin on ancillary exchanges is not occupied informally by us.  One aim after the ICO is to grow MPRM coin programmed on poloniex and bittrex for exchange. As the coin initiates the transaction and increasing in value, our platform will get more users, so growing the value of the coin. This converts a domino effect, the further user’s iMPERIUM gains, the greater value MPRM coin receives.

Generally, we take our crew designer’s security extremely, the first objective after the ICO is to have MPRM enumerated on various exchanges to begin a transaction.

Work of Imperium

It targets to deliver improved safety to gamesters by decentralizing transactions over the Ethereum blockchain. The platform is intended to be distributed and self-regulating. In cooperation of those assets let Imperium bring a protected, reserved and safe sports gambling skill.

Imperium manage to pay for no fees

The designers claim to have eradicated fees by their blockchain skill. Consistent sports gambling platforms charge a fee when gamblers place a bet. Imperium proceeds an altered method by charging no fees. As an alternative, the company claims that its profits will come from usual price gratitude integral in their MPRM coin stream.

It works is over the use of IBM Watson. An increasing amount of businesses are using IBM’s Watson to take the real language used by individuals. It will use Watson to test social media systems for sports scores, actions and more. Some gamble, score, or consequence will be established by Watson, then introduced into the Imperium platform.

Imperium appearances


The goals to completely remove security threat by decentralizing transactions on the Ethereum block chain, which growths safety in many ways.

No Fees

It takes benefit of technology to escape charging fees. They trust eliminating fees will fascinate further gamesters to the platform, with gamblers who desire to place greater gambles.

IBM Watson

It uses IBM’s Watson to fix over social media, game websites, and sports television systems continuous till it arrives at a real world consequence. Several gambles, score, or the match will be directly introduced into Imperium as quickly as it is set by Watson.

Provision for Multiple Groups and Sports

Imperium’s white paper has previously proclaimed the supported groups at the time of presentation. At promotion, Imperium optimisms to support the NHL, UFC, NFL, NBA, MLB, La Liga, MLS, Formula 1, Champions Group, Bundesliga, NCAA Basketball, Academy football, NASCAR, PGA golf, tennis, and more.

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Enigma Catalyst – The data-driven crypto investment platform

By: on August 24th, 2017

Enigma is making an open, distributed statistics marketplace and outfits for data keepers and clients. Their invention is Catalyst, which lets everybody generate, trial, and organize data-driven crypto investment policies. The objective of Enigma is to offer data and explore tools that will permit individuals to form their own procedures, which in turn will authorize them to make improved trading choices. Kisagun trusts that this is essential in order to assistance level the playing field among the average person and the algorithmic bots counter to which they frequently trade in the marketplace. Enigma permits its users the liberty to construct, test, and master winning asset strategies, leading to better returns on funds, and improved probabilities at beating out their participants.

Enigma is generating a distributed, exposed, safe data marketplace that permits people, businesses, and administrations to fund and put away data. Contributing to a data source is achieved on-chain, with rewards and consequences, which are switched using token. The data itself, its packing and broadcast, live off-chain. In that logic, the blockchain turns as the manager of the network while the off-chain network switches everything else.

Explaining operative challenges needs increasing standpoint. Increasing perspective wants to get in intelligence from the external association. Enigma solutions organize public data, data substructure, and analytics to link public datasets with internal data. Outcome-driven solutions yield instant lift, improved data possessions, and repurposable tooling for receiving additional value out of data.

Enigma Catalyst will be an exposed platform where quantifiable agents and data experts can construct, check, organize and monetize trading procedures inside a native, reorganized crypto-exchange. The Enigma Catalyst network will have two foremost structures. A dispersed crypto-exchange and an exposed source software expansion kit for data experts. Data, such as exclusive data sets, individual information, trading procedures, and order books will be decentrally kept in a dispersed database using an altered Kademila DHT protocol. This is the similar circulated data storage protocol used by BitTorrent and Storj.

Decentralized Interchange

The decentralized interchange will host cross-chain atomic switches among operators on an off-chain state channel. The Enigma Catalyst interchange is demonstrated after Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and Ethereum’s projected Raiden Network. Enigma Catalyst’s chief invention on this current knowledge is to allow decentralized order identical. Liquidity providers on the exchange system would fundamentally function as self-governing (but connected) crypto-exchanges handling their own order books. Liquidity workers would receive a portion of trading fees as payment for their facilities to the network.

Generally, decentralized exchanges have ached from an absence of liquidity and user acceptance. Decentralized exchanges face aggressive struggle from established, centralized exchanges that profit from gathered network effects. Enigma Catalyst optimisms that the transaction procedure marketplace will fascinate users and that tokenized recompenses for liquidity providers will incentivize market makers to link the network.

The Cosmos System is to suggesting the use of unified block chains to enable cross-chain atomic switches. OpenANX, which as well newly completed a token sale, needs to recover decentralized exchanges by having unified exchanges contribute their own order books.

Software outfits for data researchers

Enigma Catalyst will deliver data researchers with a group of API tools to assist them to construct, trial and organize trading procedures on the Enigma exchange. The Enigma trading SDK is founded on Zipline, an open-source back-testing machine intended for customary markets. Enigma Catalyst strategies on transformation it to adapt to crypto markets. The Enigma Catalyst group also plans on raising a web browser IDE based on an altered notebook interface


Ahoolee – The only site that compare prices of Online products for you

By: on August 24th, 2017

Kicking off your shoes, sitting back on your couch and browsing through various online stores to search for the product you want. But we do find various sites offering the same product in different prices and discounts. Going through these ‘n’ number of sites again and again would take up a lot of time. So, Ahoolee comes to the rescue where it compares prices of online stores worldwide using a decennt5rlized platform. It is a search engines specifically or e-commerce that operates on the principles of a search engine! It does the toughest job in a matter of seconds. Its stores all the data on all price changes in all online stores in the whole world in a decentralised manner using Aloohee Blockchain.

Aloohee uses cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange that enables users to purchase any item in all the stores that are represented on the platform. The Aloohee Tokens (AHT) are issues as an Ethereum fork. It can be purchased using digital wallet or ETH, USD, EUR or even RUR. Aloohee uses up-to date technology where the main task is to keep the prices updated. As a single product can be sold in different sites, the information collected about the product is processed by algorithms in order to consolidate the information sold by different sites in a single product card. Aloohee strives for giving an opportunity to any person to find ANY product online from ALL shops and compare their prices.

We know the basic demand-supply equation. It’s a simple equation that shows that the price of a product varies as its demand or supply changes. This happens to every product no matter what. So, Aloohee has a blockchain method which keeps track of all price changes. This will help the customers catch the stores if they have deliberately increased their price before making a discount. Another benefit is that, since this generation is all about keeping things in soft copy, Aloohee keeps stored all the information of our purchases made in ATH. This will save us the mess of keeping paper documents.

The Aloohee Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starts in 28TH August, 2017. With a total of 100 million ATH to be issued, 20 million will be kept by the Reserve Fund to apy miners and assessors and 10 million will be kept in the Aloohee Fund for the team so that it can hire new staff for its future development. Aloohee makes online shopping easier and is the one way answer to all our eShopping queries and problems.

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