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Perfect365 AR beauty app adopts Kin Cryptocurrency.

By: on September 21st, 2018

Popular AR beauty app Perfect365 has integrated the Kin Cryptocurrency on its platform. This aims at maximizing the popularity of Cryptocurrency among women since Perfect365 has 95% of women as its users. Users can spend their earned Cryptocurrency on premium features within the app. Kin is currently available in Android phones by Google Play store and for a test group of Android users in the U.S., India, U.K., Canada, and Australia.

Altcoin News

South Korea crypto expands to Singapore!

By: on September 20th, 2018

South Korea wants to promote the Blockchain technology but will curb transactions of cryptocurrencies. The expansion of Upbit brand into Singapore comes at a time when tech firms and cryptocurrency exchanges are joining to set up new exchanges in the region. Line, subsidiary of South Korean giant Naver, opened its new exchange Bitbox in Singapore and also South Korean platform Coinone launched operations in Indonesia.

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Former SpaceX engineer goes Crypto launches LXDX.

By: on September 20th, 2018

Greenwald has founded a Cryptocurrency exchange, LXDX that seeks to make the nascent asset class more accessible to institutional investors while also providing individual investors with professional-grade trading tools.  This development by a former SpaceX engineer shows Cryptocurrency is in a good place. Demand for access to Bitcoin and altcoins is on the rise, especially among institutional traders.

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Ripple’s XRP product xRapid to launch soon.

By: on September 19th, 2018

Ripple will launch xRapid in mid of October month which is unique from Ripple’s other Blockchain-based settlement system such as xCurrent. The new product will allow banks and payment providers the ability to process cross-border transactions faster since xRapid product uses the XRP Cryptocurrency as a kind of “bridge” between currencies.


Telecom Wave in Blockchain

By: on September 18th, 2018

Telecom Wave in Blockchain: Watching the crypto madness and the market falling at rates which cannot be analyzed, all this has led to investors feeling that cryptocurrency is going down and the risk is just too high, but the forecast of the cryptocurrency reaching greater rates irrespective of the rates now, the telecom companies of South Korea are leading the way of Blockchain technology.


Investors in a fix

By: on September 17th, 2018

Watching the crypto madness and the market falling at rates which cannot be analyzed, all this has led to investors feeling that cryptocurrency is going down and the risk is just too high. The irregularity has led to doubts in everyone’s mind but everyone is going to be fine.

Press Release


By: on September 15th, 2018

On August 31, 2018, iCoinbay released a new trading campaign entitled [ Trading Premium Gain ]; iCoinbay is a tokenized, community-based digital asset exchange. This new campaign allows traders who use the platform to increase their earnings through normal trading activities. According to publicly released information, the plan can be summarized as follows:


The team at iCoinbay believes that users’ normal usage of the platform should count as contribution to the community. With each transaction, a corresponding amount of the platform’s token, TPG, will be issued to the trader(s).


Holders of the platform’s TPG tokens have the right to income distribution. Each week, iCoinbay will distribute 70% of previous week’s income to community members, based on the proportion of TPG held.


In order to better protect TPG holders from price fluctuations on the secondary market, iCoinbay’s campaign includes an insurance policy specifically made for TPG tokens. No matter how the market moves, after 100 days, holders of TPG will be able exchange them for stablecoins at their originally issued price.

iCoinbay uses the theory of a token economy as the basis for their platform, and develops each aspect of their business with three values in mind: joint development, joint success, and joint responsibility.

Although tokens and blockchain are two different things, the driving force behind blockchain’s recent explosion in popularity has actually been the token economies that developed around Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Another way to put it is that blockchain is the stage for a new world, and tokens are the main actors on this stage. Based on this, iCoinbay is focused on building an exchange that allows community members to trade safely while using traditional financial measures (such as insurance) to protect the value of traded assets.

As a consistently innovative digital exchange, members of the iCoinbay team have expressed desire to work with everyone in the community and developers that contribute to the advancement of blockchain technology to build a better future.






Bitcoin News

Bitcoin and RBI

By: on September 14th, 2018

There needs to be a concrete definition for the regulatory actions. The Bitcoin is undefinable due to its multifaceted characteristics since it is used as money and stock. The SEBI and RBI have also organized tours of Switzerland and Japan to study the working of the digital currency.

Altcoin News

Devere Group increases its Crypto type: ZCash, Ethereum Classic (ETC)

By: on September 14th, 2018

Devere Crypto one of the world’s biggest driving Cryptocurrency trade included two new coins Ethereum Classic and ZCash in its collection of Cryptocurrency. This is done because of increasing demand by the customers of Devere Cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto app of Devere group can be used to buy, sell or store these coins.

Altcoin News

CryptoDefender mobile application announced by BlockSafe.

By: on September 13th, 2018

BlockSafe Technologies Inc. headquartered in Edison introduces the CryptoDefender mobile application in collaboration with the recently launched CryptoDefender programming for desktops. This application serves for both android and iOS gadgets. This ensures the Cryptocurrency wallets on cell phones from hacking.

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