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CORION Announces ICO Details for its Revolutionary Platform & Stable-Rate CryptoCurrency

By: on July 19th, 2017

CORION Platform Offers the Easiest Access to the Crypto World

ZUG, SWITZERLAND–(Marketwired – Jun 18, 2017) – CORION ( blockchain platform powered by a revolutionary new stable-rate token, today announced final details for their public crowdsale to begin on June 18th and end July 30th 2017. Built on Ethereum Classic, the CORION stable-price token eliminates the guesswork that comes with fluctuating prices. Its algorithm enables special automated inflation-deflation control, assuring stability of the CORION token as a stable means of payment worldwide. CORION’s white papers can be found here.

Participants in the CORION crowdsale will gain access to the CORION Platform, and have stable-price digital tokens deposited in their multifunctional CORION Wallets immediately, allowing instant, low-cost payments. Early investors will receive a 25 percent bonus the very first day, 20 percent bonus during the first week, a 15 percent bonus the second week, and progressively lower bonuses throughout the campaign. Investors will also be incentivized by CORION’s affiliate reward of 1-5 percent.

Funds raised through CORION’s crowdsale will be distributed to further developments and investments managed by the CORION Foundation (50 percent), to the Stability Fund managed by the Foundation (25 percent), to the team members for their two year of work (16 percent), future developers and associates working on the CORION Platform (4 percent), and marketing, promotions, and growth (5 percent).

CORION’s Marketplace allows anyone with a minimum purchase of 3,000 CORION tokens (a $2,400 investment) to join the community as a Service Provider and start their own business and start acquiring customers. The marketplace provides an excellent tool to promote any business online or offline anywhere in the world. From there, the mainstream crowd is engaged through affiliate programs and shopping communities that generate demand for usage of the platform. As business grows, so does the token supply, thus fuelling the system and allowing users to earn daily rewards from staying active within the community.

The CORION Platform also features a built-in automated inflation and deflation control system that ensures the stable price of the coin to carry out transactions. If the price of CORION rises above $1 on the main exchanges, (i.e. there is a demand for more tokens), the system will release a maximum 2.5 percent additional tokens daily. On the other hand, if the price of CORION drops below $1 on the main exchanges, (i.e. there are more tokens in circulation then the system needs), no tokens will be emitted. To make sure the system works, set fees are calculated after each transaction and later burned to make sure they never appear in the system again.

“One of the biggest deterrents for new cryptocurrency users is the hassle of monitoring the hugely fluctuating prices of cryptocurrencies. With CORION, the price of the token remains stable, giving community users all the freedom to buy and sell in the marketplace without a major financial risk. We look forward to introducing CORION to a larger audience through this token crowdsale, and putting investments towards funding this truly revolutionary platform,” said Miklos Denkler, CEO of CORION

For more information on CORION and its upcoming crowdsale, please visit:

CORION is a multifunctional platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralized network based on mutual benefits, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness and speed. The Platform provides and hosts secure, convenient, and instant financial transactions using CORION, the stable means of payment. CORION encourages users to build businesses and services on it and it is ideal for beginners and anyone looking to enter into the crypto world. For more information, visit .

Press Release

Gaming Cryptocurrency for eSports Industry, Skincoin Announces Crowdsale on June 21, 2017

By: on July 18th, 2017

Skincoin – universal cryptocurrency based on Ethereum for online gaming announces the launch of its ICO, starting June 21, 2017.

June 19, 2017, City, Country: The cryptocurrency developed specially to cater to the needs of the online gaming community has started offering its Skincoin tokens (SKINs) to investors as part of its upcoming crowdsale. The month-long Skincoin ICO starting on June 21, 2017, will go on until July 21, 2017, during which 600 million SKIN tokens will be made available for purchase at a price of 6000 SKIN/ 1 ETH. The Skincoin platform intends to raise a total of 100000 ETH during the crowdsale.

Skincoin is an initiative of Alexey Zakharov and Igor Solomatin, along with well-experienced teammates who have been involved in the eSports gaming industry for a while now. The team has been working on their own “highly loaded” marketpace and gaming projects in cybersports area with a turnover of more than $1 million per month. Their involvement in the gaming industry has made them realize the potential of cryptocurrency in the game skins, in-game economy, and online betting market.

With Skincoin, gamers can instantly trade skins of some of the popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2 and more. Also, the very cryptocurrency can be used to place bets on eSports events. With the primary focus on game skins and eSports gambling, Skincoin is currently targeting a market worth upwards of $3.3 billion involving the active participation of millions of gamers.

Skincoin’s Vision

Skincoin is initially focused on a niche gaming sector, mainly involving trading and wagering of skins and other in-game digital goods. Eventually, the cryptocurrency intends to take the center stage as the go-to cryptocurrency for online gaming related needs. The company’s vision places SKIN tokens as the accepted means of exchange of value for gaming and betting services including categories like eSports, Jackpots, casinos etc.

The creators of Skincoin are building a strong partner network as they create an entire ecosystem around SKIN. The cryptocurrency can be used for transactions on these partner sites. In the coming months, the platform will take the ecosystem building process a step further by launching an exchange platform where people can trade game skins for Skincoin and vice versa. There will be a difference of 10% between buying and selling of digital goods on the exchanger.

Soon, the Skincoin team will introduce APIs for accepting SKIN payments on third party game services. Eventually, the Skincoin team will be launching their own betting platform where players will be able to wager the cryptocurrency on various eSports. By becoming the preferred medium of exchange in the gaming segment, Skincoin looks forward to placing itself in the centerstage, connecting betting services, gaming services, marketplaces and online gaming stores with itself and each other.

Skincoin ICO

The Skincoin platform has set the maximum cap for the tokens at 1 billion. Out of the total, 600 million SKINs will be made available to crowdsale investors, 300 million will be set aside with SKINCOIN Foundation until the launch of its official exchange so that it can be exchanged later for game skins, creating a stable market in the process. The remaining 100 million tokens will be distributed among the team members for the next 5 years.

The SKIN ICO is a ETH only crowdsale and those investing in the platform during the first two days stand to receive a 20% bonus. The minimum ticket size for participation is 0.1 ETH (600 SKIN) and maximum 3000 ETH (18 million SKIN).

More information about the crowdsale and the platform is available on the platform’s website.


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