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Vancouver, B.C. –  iComplyICO (iComply Investor Services Inc.), is announcing today that Thomas Linder, author of the Crypto Property Framework (BCP), Tax Partner at MME, and pioneer in the blockchain and ICO space has joined its advisory board.

iComplyICO is a RegTech software firm offering products that enable ICO issuers, security token platforms, and investors to launch and trade coins and tokens in compliance with global securities, identity, and privacy regulations.

MME is a leading Swiss law firm specializing in blockchain projects and ICOs, as well as other legal, tax and compliance issues. The firm is working closely with regulators and self-regulatory organizations (SROs) in Europe, working to bring the regulators and industry closer together.

“Thomas is a leader in the ICO space, working globally to advance the industry. His background in law and accounting as well as his work with regulators and SROs across Europe make him an excellent addition to our team. We are excited to leverage his knowledge and experience to enhance our software’s ability to classify and qualify new tokens entering the decentralized global capital markets,” said Matthew Unger, CEO and Founder of iComplyICO.

Linder and MME have been working with blockchain companies for over five years and were the first law firm to begin working with blockchain protocols, including Ethereum and the setup of the Ethereum Foundation.

“Back then, everything was very experimental and it was all about funding crazy ideas, no one knew whether or not they would succeed – but that has changed, and now everyone thinks that everything will be successful and people don’t see the risks. Because of this, we need to slow down the process and make sure that people are able to assess which projects can be successful,” said Linder. “One of the most important considerations, especially for equity tokens, is being able to meet the requirements around the world for governance; this includes KYC, AML, embargoes, sanctions, and other international trade and transaction requirements. It is also important that projects can track and trace documents.”

Earlier this year, iComplyICO launched a white label of its Prefacto Compliance Protocol for the Ethereum network. The protocol makes it possible for ICO issuers and investors to be assured that legal, financial, and regulatory compliance procedures are adhered to throughout the lifecycle of the token, enabling the token itself to monitor AML, KYC, and a myriad of other compliance matters with jurisdictionally specific considerations on every transaction.

“iComplyICO can be used as a governance tool where everything is trackable but still secure, and this is the way it should be in the future. Even if the ecosystem is decentralized, if projects make promises to users, protection is needed,” added Linder.

iComplyICO is the only blockchain agnostic solution that focuses solely on software for compliance and secondary trading – the company offers no consulting, token development, or proprietary token environments. Instead, iComplyICO has put out a call for leading securities law, accounting, assurance, and ICO consulting firms to leverage the platform to help ICO issuers release legitimate tokens as securities, commodities, and utilities.

Since Bloomberg announced iComplyICO’s Prefacto compliance protocol for the Ethereum network, the company has seen tremendous traction, with its first cryptocurrency platforms and ICOs expected to go live this month. The company expects to surpass the one million user milestone within its first quarter and has accrued over 200 interested new ICOs looking to raise over $6 Billion USD using their KYC, AML, and source of funds reporting software. This is largely comprised of established North American businesses looking to issue a digital share certificate to investors using blockchain rather than paper.

About iComplyICO

iComplyICO (iComply Investor Services Inc) is the world’s first automated compliance protocol that enables ICO issuers, security token platforms, and investors to launch and trade both coins and tokens in compliance with global securities, identity, and privacy regulations. The Prefacto compliance protocol is blockchain agnostic and enables digitized assets to be securely utilized as efficient financial instruments by streamlining legal and accounting processes, providing automated checks and balances before a transaction is posted. Investors, issuers, service providers, fintech platforms, and regulators all benefit from infrastructure that supports trust, decentralization and integrity. Learn more:

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