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What is Bitsleo Cryptocurrency?

Bitsleo Cryptocurrency is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange coin. It combines both “Proof of Stake (PoS) Masternode” and “Staking” concepts in order to have the best coin. Actually, “Proof of Stake” is different than the “Proof of Work (PoW)” of Bitcoin. “Proof of Stake” is used to achieve distributed consensus. Basically, PoS means that the creator of the next block on the cryptocurrency blockchain is chosen by a combination of wealth or age (i.e. the stake) and a random selection. So, this means that if you have more cryptocurrencies, you have more PoS mining power, which gives you the opportunity to earn more cryptocurrencies (i.e. staking rewards).

Overview of Bitsleo

Bitsleo was founded in November 2017. Furthermore, Bitsleo aims to be the most comprehensive exchange platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency at the best rates. Actually, Bitsleo technology supports established and emerging cryptocurrencies. Bitsleo aims to launch Bitsleo exchange, a listing of 20+ top cryptocurrency and tokens for trading.

Benefits of Joining Bitsleo

The benefits of joining Bitsleo are:
It supports well-known cryptocurrencies and emerging cryptocurrencies.
It offers great discounts for early adopters of BTSL (Bitsleo coin).
It will provides fastest and efficient platform for trading

So, it provides a fair opportunity for anyone to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Bitsleo will have four types of cryptocurrency market: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Tether (USDT) and Bitsleo(BTLS).

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency. In fact, it is the first decentralized digital currency because it eliminates the middleman such as a central bank or an administrator. In order words, it is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that its transactions take place between users without intermediaries.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a well-known cryptocurrency. In fact, it is the classic ether token.

Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency token that is backed by actual fiat assets (such as dollars) in its reserve account. So, it means that its price stays $1 forever.

Advantages of Bitsleo’s blockchain

The advantages of Bitsleo’s blockchain are:
instant transaction.
It keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time.
Increase the privacy of transactions along with Masternodes.
Staking rewards.
Participating in governance and voting.
Enable budgeting and treasury system in cryptos.

Secure wallet & Masternode

Bitsleo platform works without any middleman or third party control, so you can manage your own coins how you want.

Furthermore, Bitsleo uses Masternode, which is a secure computer wallet. In fact, Masternodes are a type of full node that have different services on the network, and these full nodes are rewarded by the network for its functions.

Furthermore, Masternode makes Bitsleo platform more secure because there is an entry barrier in order to ensure that the system doesn’t be hacked. So, the entry barrier is what one needs to collateralize certain units of BTSL to run a Masternode.

In Bitsleo, the minimum locking to run a Masternode is 5000 BTSL. Using Masternode, Bitsleo’s hybrid model empowers participating in “governance and voting”. Additionally, Bitsleo enables budgeting and treasury system.

Bitsleo’s coin specifications:

Bitsleo (BTLS) is the name of the coin (of the homonymous exchange). BTLS is a pure Proof of Stake (PoS) coin. It has a max supply of 30,000,000. The premine coin is of 15,000,000. The block reward is of 20 BTLS. The difficulty (a measure of how difficult it is to mine a coin below a given target) retargets in each block. The minimum stake age is of 24 hours. The coin maturity is of 65 blocks. The MN payment (Masternode’s reward) is of 5000 Coin. The block time is of 90 sec. The block size is of 3mb.

Problems that Bitsleo aims to solve

Furthermore, Bitsleo exchange aims to solve three different problems:

First, it aims to solve the market manipulation. Nowadays, increasingly complex-computerized markets create new and innovative methods of market manipulation and there is no regulation for this.

Second, the cybercriminals/crypto hack is another problem that Bitsleo aims to solve. The activities of hackers and cybercriminals affect the cryptocurrency market. So, Bitsleo exchange aims to solve the hacking problem.

Third, Bitsleo aims to solve the decentralization problem. Bitsleo uses basic functions and an alternative way to trade cryptocurrency in order to keep the funds safe from faulty business models, inside thefts, and hacks.

Fourth, transaction delay is another problem that Bitsleo aims to solve. In the cryptocurrency market, the main problem is the transaction delay.

Fifth, opacity is another problem that Bitsleo aims to solve. Due to lack of hard-coded authentication protections and there is no a limit to the number of users, there is huge opacity about the majority of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

BTSL ICO crowd sale

The BTSL ICO crowd sale will begin on April 7, 2018, with 12,000,000 BTSL. This ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will run for 30 days. Furthermore, the crowd sale referral will receive a 5% BTSL. In this ICO crowd sale, the BTSL will be sold at $0.50 until the end of the ICO crowd sale.

Bitsleo will have three ICO crowd sales. In the first ICO crowd sale, there will be on sale 4,000,000 BTSL and the crowd sale referral will receive a 5% BTSL with 20% bonus.
In the second ICO crowd sale, there will be on sale 4,000,000 BTSL and the crowd sale referral will receive a 5% BTSL with 10% bonus.
In the third ICO crowd sale, there will be on sale 4,000,000 BTSL and the crowd sale referral will receive a 5% BTSL with 5% bonus.

The token distribution

The BTSL tokens are distributed by the ICO crowd sale, internal liquidity pool, team & advisor, airdrop, and bonuses. So, the token distribution is as follows:

ICO crowd sale: it has 12,000,000 BTSL (40% of the max supply of coins)
Internal Liquidity pool: it has 13,200,000 BTSL (44% of the max supply of coins)
Team & advisor: it has 1,800,000 BTSL (6% of the max supply of coins)
Airdrop: it has 900,000 BTSL (3% of the max supply of coins)
Bonuses: it has 2,100,000 BTSL (7% of the max supply of coins)

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